The Best High Tech Survival Gadgets

The Best High Tech Survival Gadgets

Introduction Of The Best High Tech Survival Gadgets

The Best High Tech Survival Gadgets. When the SHTF (Global Economic Collapse), you’ll want the best of the best when it comes to tech survival gear. And that means gadgets that are both high-tech and reliable. In this article, we will take a look at five of the best High Tech Survival Gadgets that are currently on the market. From solar chargers and water filters to weather stations and more, read on to learn about some of the must-have tools for your tech arsenal in case of an emergency.

The Backpack

If you’re looking for the best high-tech survival gadgets, your search is over. These devices will help keep you safe in any situation, whether it’s an SHTF scenario or just an everyday danger zone. Here are the top 5 high-tech survival gadgets:

1. The compass: A basic tool for anyone outdoors, a compass can be used to navigate in unfamiliar territory or find your way back home if you get lost.

2. The GPS unit: If you’re venturing into new territory, a GPS unit is essential for tracking your progress and finding safe campsites and places to hole up during emergencies.

3. The headlamp: Essential for night-time exploration, a headlamp allows you to see clearly in dark environments and avoid dangerous obstacles.

4. The knife: A must-have for any self-respecting prepper, a knife can be used for various purposes such as cutting food or shelter materials.

5. The whistle: A simple but effective tool, a whistle can be used to attract attention in an emergency or signal for help when stranded outdoors.

Survival Knife

There are a lot of different survival knives on the market, but which one is the best for you? Here are five high-tech options that will help you survive in any situation.

1. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife: This knife is designed by British adventurer Bear Grylls and has been praised for its durability and sharpness. It comes with a 3-inch blade and is perfect for cutting through thick materials like wood or rope.

2. Spyderco Delica 4 Survival Knife: The Delica 4 is a versatile knife that can be used for a variety of tasks, including utility cutting, harvesting, and self-defence. It has a 4-inch blade that is made from 1095 high-carbon steel and features an ambidextrous drop point design.

3. Columbia River Knife And Tool CRKT Plain Edge Bowie Fixed Blade: The CRKT Bowie features a 3 3/4 inch blade made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel that is hand-finished and sandblasted for a matte finish. It also includes a Kydex sheath to make it durable and easy to carry.

4. Ontario RAT Folding Hunter Fixed Blade Knife: The RAT knife features an 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade that folds into itself for compact storage and transportation, making it ideal for camping or backpacking trips. It also includes a Kydex sheath to make it durable and easy to carry.


Compasses are an essential tool for any outdoorsman or prepper. They can be used for navigation, as a makeshift emergency whistle, and even to signal for help.

There are many different types of compasses on the market, but the best ones are digital models that include a built-in magnetometer. This device can be used to determine your latitude and longitude, which is important if you’re planning on bushcrafting or travelling in unfamiliar territory.

Some of the most popular compasses on the market include the Suunto M-5 HD Compass and the Silva Ranger Pro SE. Both models have a water-resistant design and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Parachute Cord

The parachute cord is probably one of the most underrated survival tools that you can have. This cord can be used to tie knots, create a tourniquet, and even as a makeshift emergency shelter.

Here are five reasons why you should add a parachute cord to your survival gear:

1. Knot-Tying Abilities: The parachute cord is a great tool for tying knots. It has a lot of stretches and can handle a lot of stress. This makes it ideal for use in emergencies where time is critical or when you need to make quick repairs.

2. Tourniquet Capacity: The parachute cord can also be used as a makeshift tourniquet. You can use it to stop bleeding quickly and prevent amputation.

3. Emergency Shelter: If you are stranded in the wilderness and need a place to hide from the elements, the parachute cord can act as your emergency shelter. It is sturdy enough to protect you from the weather and has enough space to sleep comfortably.

4. Lightweight Construction: The parachute cord is also lightweight and easy to carry around with you on your survival expeditions. This makes it perfect for carrying extra supplies while hiking or backpacking in remote areas.

5. Versatility: The parachute cord is versatile enough to be used in many different types of emergencies. It can be used as an essential tool for camping trips, hiking trips, hunting trips, car accidents

Solar Panel

The Best Solar Panels for Surviving the Apocalypse

When the world ends, and all of the civilization falls to anarchy, there’s no need to panic. You can still survive by relying on renewable energy sources like solar panels! Here are our top picks for the best solar panels for surviving the apocalypse.

Firestarter Tinder Stick

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to start a fire, there’s no need to hesitate and reach for your trusty old box of matches. While these classic fire starters can be helpful, there are some more high-tech options out there that could come in handy in a worst-case scenario.

One of the most popular high-tech fire starters is the Tinder Stick. This small but powerful device is made up of two sticks that are held together by a short piece of wire. When you pull on the wire, it separates the sticks and allows them to spark. The Tinder Stick is easy to use and can start fires quickly and easily, making it an ideal fire starter for emergencies.

Another high-tech option is the Fire Brick. This device is just like the Tinder Stick, but it has multiple chambers that hold smaller pieces of fabric or paper Toward the centre of the brick. When you strike the material against one of the chambers, it sparks and sets off the others. The Fire-Brick is very easy to use and can create very large fires quickly, making it an excellent choice for campers or survivalists who need a reliable source of heat or light.

Waterproof Matches in a Plastic Tin Can

If you’re looking for a high-tech survival gadget, you can’t go wrong with waterproof matches in a plastic tin can. These matches are made to be resistant to water and corrosion, so they’ll stay lit even when wet. Plus, they come in a handy carrying case for easy storage.

Handheld GPS

Handheld GPS devices make navigation and location determination a breeze for the outdoorsy person or prepper. They are small, lightweight units that can be easily carried in a pocket or backpack and offer a variety of features for finding your way around.

Some handheld GPS units offer mapping capabilities, which let you plan routes and locate points of interest. Other models have barometric altimeters, which can be invaluable for tracking changes in elevation and predicting weather conditions. Many also come equipped with compasses and mapping software that makes it easy to identify landmarks and survey the area around you.

Since handheld GPS units are portable, they tend to have longer battery life than traditional navigation tools like maps or compasses. This means that you can spend more time exploring the area around you without fear of running out of juice.


In today’s world, it can be easy to feel like you’re always one step behind the Joneses. Whether you’re struggling to keep up with their technological advancements or simply looking for ways to improve your pre-existing skillset, having the best survival gadgets on your side is essential. In this article, we’ve outlined some of the best high-tech survival gadgets that are currently available on the market. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what to look for when choosing a tool or gadget that will help you thrive in a post-apocalyptic world.